What clients say

‘Organisations in transition. From Library to Knowledge Center. It is obvious that an expert’s guidance is required. Guidance based on the mission of the organisation and on the expectations of the human resources. Guidance about how to (re)direct all those human resources. Superbly Human and Hannes Couvreur have been a great help for us all along this process. Thank you, Hannes!’ — Yves Rosseel, General manager at ARhus – Knowledge Center Roeselare

‘As process facilitator Hannes was involved in our search for the DNA of our organisation and in the redefinition of our vision and mission. I was surprised by his capacity to go to the essence, even after a long workshop day. Hannes is a great motivator. Facilitating processes and coaching people is not only his job, it’s his passion.’ — Hans Van de Water, Communication Officers VLIR-UOS

‘Hannes is a master listener and coach. In a very gentle yet focused way he enables co-workers and organisations to realise what they are capable of when it comes to developing their own solutions to make progress. Partly because of his work, our organisational culture has substantially improved. Hannes enables people and organisations to grow.’ — Bart Horemans, Director VOCVO

‘As our coach for the Urban Renewal Masterclass Dampoort Oud Sint-Amandsberg, Hannes Couvreur has managed to let a large group of external and internal experts (urban planners, mobility experts, technicians, sociologists, architects, …), inhabitants and community workers successfully create a strong vision on how the area could benefit from urban renewal, as well as a set of well-defined actions and engagements on what to do next. During the two days of the Masterclass he was able merge personal ideas and opposed views into a common project by harnessing ‘the power of the group’ . He managed to create commitment among participants and inspired them to work on this  project in an open-minded way.” — Philippe Van Wesenbeeck, head of the Urban Renewal and Spatial Planning Department, City of Ghent

‘The solution focused culture you have introduced has definitely been one of our key success factors in 2014 and beyond.’ — Anneleen Demasure, CEO Wijs

‘The Latin word “communicare” stands for “to share something, to create something in common”. It’s quite common for group discussions to produce a lot of talk without results. Hannes’ approach is both surprising and effective!’ — Ann Ackaert, UGent / iMinds

‘We hired Hannes for our conference on smart communication. Hannes ran an atelier on “Understanding your audience”. Participants found it very interactive and spot on. We liked working with Hannes for his professionalism in preparing and running the atelier, his enthusiasm and readiness to dive into the subject and deliver a tailor made product.’ — Kathy Vanhoorne, Chancery of the Prime Minister

‘Connecting a group of creative, headstrong individuals sounds like a contraditio in terminis. Yet, with Hannes’ his work as a facilitator we have succeeded taking a bottom-up approach to developing “Ministry of Makers” a widely supported community. Hannes is an expert in helping people translate personal wishes and concerns into a common vision.’ — Annemie De Tremerie, City of Ghent

‘I have had the privilege to experience Hannes Couvreur not only through his workshops as a participant but also witnessed some of his considerations and reflections in phases of preparation. As a course leader he manages excellently to involve all participants equally and shows a great skill in improvising through the process within the goals of the workshops. As a result of that you never get “lost” but are always taken care of through reflective questions and excursuses.His care and considerations when preparing a workshop is stunning too. With a clear framework regarding the goals he focuses not only on what might be useful for the people attending but also on how to make sure that a first concrete step can be taken after going out the door. Not only offer people tools and help them develop skills but also making sure that it’s connect to the reality “back home”. That way he increases the transferability and not least the sustainability of the learning.’ — Jesper Hankovszky Christiansen, Kaospilot, Solution-focused coach, trainer and consultant.

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